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Pets are a long-term commitment and investment, so before you decide to adopt a pet, make sure you honestly assess what kind of pet you want and can afford.


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Adopting a Pet

You’ll know whether it’s the right pet for you once you see it and spend time with it.

Once a family has met one of our guests at our Shelter, a home visit is arranged and if all parties are in agreement that it is a good fit, we proceed with the adoption.

Where to start

Your ideal pet should fit your lifestyle, your home and surroundings, and your family.

Start by assessing the kind of pet that appeals to you, and factor in the amount of attention the animal will need, balanced with the amount of time you can spend.

Pets are a long-term commitment and investment, so before you decide to adopt a pet, make sure you honestly assess what kind of pet you want and can afford.

Once you are ready please, fill out S.A.R.A. Questionnaire / Form and email it back to our office.

Are you ready?

Adoption Forms & Questionnaires

Cat Adoption Application

Please fill out attached form and email back to us. We will review your application and contact you shortly.

Dog Adoption Questionnaire

Please answer a few questions and email the form back.  We will contact you shortly.

All you need to know

Adoption Fees | Benefits | Returns 


There is a fee associated with the adoption through the SARA Society. The fees help with Veterinarian bills, the care of the animal while in the shelter and towards supporting the ones that are less likely to be adopted and are permanent residents. Adoption fees vary with the animal.


The adoption fee includes vaccination, deworming, spaying/neutering, tattoo, a collar and leash (dogs), and a free veterinarian check at a SARA Society Veterinarian Clinic within 15 days from date of adoption.


The SARA Society has a return policy in place if you should find it does not work out with your new pet. Returns including all original paperwork can be arranged by calling us at 604-580-8254 or email:

Animals returned within 15 days from the date of adoption will receive a full refund, and animals returned within 30 days from the date of adoption will receive a partial refund minus $10 to cover administrative fees. All animals adopted from the SARA Society can be returned at any time, however refunds will only be honoured within the first 30 days of adoption. For more information or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Pets for Adoption




Labrador Retriever & Collie Mix




Boxer & Australian Cattle Dog


Pomarenian & Chihuahua




Pet Adoption Notes


Adopting and owning a pet is not only a joy, it’s a boost to your health and your mood. From stress relief to seeing that you exercise more, pets enrich your life in many ways.

By taking your time, doing your research, and choosing a less busy time of year for your new addition, the dog or cat that joins your family has the best chance of making a great first impression and being a source of joy and companionship for years to come.

Please consider

Tattooing or Microchipping is an identification system that helps bring pets home when they are lost. Pets are injected with a microchip about the size of a grain of rice. It is no more painful or irritating than a vaccination. The microchip carries an ID for your pet, and the information for that ID is stored in a database. When the chip is read by a vet or shelter, the animal’s name, address, and owner information comes up. You’ll be contacted to retrieve your pet.

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